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Lawrence A Yannuzzi


Dr. Lawrence A. Yannuzzi is a professor of clinical ophthalmology at Columbia University Medical School, director of The LuEsther T. Mertz Retinal Research Center of the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, and founder and president of The Macula Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Yannuzzi has made numerous innovative and lasting contributions in imaging (fluorescein angiography and indocyanine-green angiography) drug development (first non-steroid anti-inflammatory drop) therapeutic modalities such as retinal laser photocoagulation . He has described new diseases, new associations and manifestations of established entities and photosensitization. He has published over 650 scientific papers and 13 books which have earned him respect and admiration in the ophthalmic-retinal community. He is well recognized as a devoted and excellent educator, a superb clinical diagnostician, and a prolific organizer of retinal meetings worldwide.

Dr. Yannuzzi is the recipient of numerous Awards, including an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Ancona, the Michelson Award for Retinal Vascular Disease, a distinguished Alumnus Award by Boston University, the Henkind -, Gass - and Patz Medals by The Macula Society, the Alcon Research Award, the Herman Wacker Award of the Club Jules Gonin, the Arthur J. Bedelle Award, the Retinal Research Award and the Gass Medal of the Retina Society, the Bietti Medal, the Pisart Award from  the Lighthouse  International, and a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This year 2022 he was chosen to give the coveted Donders Lectureship in the Netherlands.


"It is a pleasure to pay tribute to Professor Rosario Brancato, a very distinguished colleague and dear friend. My recollection of our relationship is vividly clear with a noteworthy level of respect and admiration.  His appearance was meaningful.  Always impeccably dressed with an impressive professional demeanor. He was not physically a big man, but he made up for that size with his penetrating stare, denoting approval or disapproval, with what was being discussed in person or with an audience.  The organizational aspects to his meetings were the very best.  Why not?  They were designed and carried out by his loyal and loving companion for so many years, Laura.  He ruled his academic domain with an iron hand, never satisfied with less than excellence, concepts and observations brilliantly conceived and disseminated throughout his country and the extended global arena. His numerous disciples exhibited the level of intellect, initiative, and innovative thinking that he demanded in himself... always within a framework of integrity.  Highly recognized for his relative silence in an environment with ENGLISH, his interpretations and thinking were in a universal language enframed with a unique knowledge and experience, which he graciously and generously shared with all. He departed too early. We are now in an era of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in which he would have thrived. He has left us, however, with an exceptional legacy and motivation to learn and to excel, so that advances can readily be realized with new technology and applied to better serve the eye care industry and our patients.  Rosario, you have made us all better clinical scientists... better physicians...

Thank you,

Professor Lawrence Yannuzzi"